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[2001-12-04 22:06] Ahead hat eine neue Version von Nero freigegeben. Ein Changelog gibt's derzeit noch nicht. Die Installationsversion eignet sich sowohl zum Updaten einer bestehenden Installation, als auch zum Ausprobieren als zeitbeschränkte Demo.

[2001-12-06 12:07] Update: Inzwischen hat Ahead auch das Changelog zur neuen Version veröffentlicht. Es hat sich ne Menge getan...

Und nochmal ein Update... Da hab ich mich doch etwas beim Changelog vertan - das war für die Vorgängerversion. Ahead hat derzeit nur das englischsprachige Changelog für Version draussen. Noch ein Hinweis zum Download: Die FTP-Server von Ahead sind scheinbar hoffnungslos überlastet. Ich habe den ersten Download-Link mal auf einen alternativen Mirrorserver gesetzt, der zumindest im Moment funktioniert.

Bug Fixes:

  • When multiple recorders have been used recheck all drives for the correct CD after the user dialog has been displayed
  • Now allows to read all media types supported by drive for reading, not only those supported for writing.
  • The evaluated size of encoded video track was not updated when reloading [S]VCD documents
  • [S]VCD document were not marked as modified when changing their compilation options
  • Fix in "verify files after burn" the counting of unaccessible files.
  • Fix a CD-Write-Speed Problem if DVD is inserted in DVD+RW recorder
  • Prompt user to close disc again if there's not enough space for another session
  • Fixed a bug that occurred during CD Extra track at once recording
  • Change FileOpen/Save - Dialogs in Nero can now handle longer file and pathnames
  • After burning in Win 9x and Me, Windows Explorer now refresh disc content with all CD-RW drives
  • The print command of the File menu will now be greyed out if no printer is available on the computer at Windows XP. This will prevent XP from displaying twice the same dialog in this case.
  • Fix problem of Nero main window minimized after burning.
  • Added the new ftp download code, that is required for Nero antivirus updating
  • Fix memory problem if user switch between hard disk and CD-drive several times in the Nero file browser.
  • Writing error was not reported correctly when trying to burn into an image file which is locked
  • Bug fix for reading CD-Text data: Nero terminates immediately when clicking in Nero's file browser on drive symbol and source drive returns invalid CD-Text data
  • Fixed a problem while trying to continue IMAPI created multisession CDs with Nero, that was caused by unclear track info.
  • Check for correct setting of copy on-the-fly without having opened the Copy Option page. Fixes problem in case of using copy on-the-fly with only one drive connected.
  • The UDF generator did not write files larger than 1GB correctly, because the maximum length of file extents was limited.
  • Fix problem with for multi-session CDs.
  • Fixed bug of not showing write speed for DVD-RAM/DVD-R drive Matshita LF-D310.
  • In case of copy through image, eject source after reading and don't allow eject for source after writing (previous behaviour: source media was ejected twice once after reading once after writing)

  • added several new recorders.
  • DVD+RW writing of multiple sessions support
  • increase accessibility of Nero by:
    - Fix tab order in choose recorder
    - Implement tab through pane in File Browser
    - Add CopyToCompilation feature (right click on file(s))
    - User can go through empty devices (CD/Floppy) with keys
  • enable to get counter for buffer underruns (Link counter) for all drives using JustLink technology.
  • the virus scanner will no longer be loaded when Nero starts but when the burn options dialog appears
  • support for CUE sheet images


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(31. Januar) Virtual CD 4.0.3 - incl. Netzwerksupport
(31. Januar) Fireburner 2.1.6 für Windows & Linux
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(22. Januar) 321240Plus: 32x-Brenner von Traxdata
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